Sunday, January 09, 2005


It has been a week in to the new year, and nothing much has changed.
So much will change.

Someone close to me will be getting married in December. :-) YaY
I will eventually know what i will doing and where i will be going before the middle of the year.
Contract with my current employer will be over and I will either be looking for an extension or trying to get away from the place totally.
I cant believe its been almost 3 years since I started doing internship at this place. 2 years of internship and 1 year as a consultant.
Yas (sis) will be turning the page on her teen years and will be moving on to
I am sure many other important things that I am not able to think right now.
Sometimes the changes occur and if you dont anticipate it, they just blend it and you dont even notice them happening.

Coming back to the topic of this post, for this weekend, the change was pretty much in the cell phone plans of dad and sis. mom became a newcomer to the cell phone market. Now it seems that even though she didnt pick her own phone, she probably has the best one out of them all. So now all of us have a cell phone, hmm....and they have the family plan. Not just that... they are going to be getting their green cards soon. They they they, hmm and I am all alone. Haha.. but we still have dinner together, mom's cooking is oh so nice(mother's love has no comparison), dad's thoughts, advices and view of the world, sis's ohhhh everything.... so that makes up for it all. :-)

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