Friday, May 05, 2006

A start of a journey

There comes a time in everyone's life when things change and a point where either you can go for it or hide behind it and miss that chance. I am taking that chance and going for it.

I am leaving all the things that I know and going to a place of the unknown, a place that I have not been for years but a place where I grew up. I hear of the changes, the westernization of India, the loss of culture. How will I deal with the fact that the place and people that I remember have changed.

I take it as a challenge, a chance to get experience. To realize myself and find out who I am. This IS the real world and I can either play along or cry and call foul. I choose to play and play I will do till I will succeed.

So I am off to Madras ( Chennai ) with a new job in hand and leaving family behind. I will miss them the most, along with friends who surround me with a comfort zone that keeps me intact through the rough and tough times. They will still be there in spirit and in thoughts and of course constant calls back and forth.