Sunday, December 26, 2004

Apocalypse visits Chennai

A day after people all over the world celebrated christmas, a destructive natural occurence took place. A tsunami that was the result of a massive earthquake ripped through many countries in South East Asia, inluding my home state of Tamil Nadu. In Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and where I was born and lived for the first 14 years of my life, was a place filled with shell shocked people.

I read the tragic news online here in NYC just a few hours ago. It showed pictures of the beach (Marina Beach) that I often used to visit, filled with destruction. If you can imagine 20 feet ocean waves rummaging through the city, a sight thats so beautiful to behold but suddenly a deep realization creeps in about how destructive that beautiful nature can be at times.

People's life destroyed, lives altered forever.

I can only pray for the safety of my relatives down there.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Start of something new

Welcome. This is my first venture in to the world of blogsphere. I have read many people's blogs but never got around to creating my own. Never felt like I wanted to share things that are personal and couldn't understand how one goes about doing that to the whole outside world. I thought personal things are meant to be personal.

I will give this a try, "I learnt in kindergarden" that sharing is good. Though I am told that I am a good listener, I am much of a mystery, so maybe this will give others who "know" me a chance to really know me.

Do I need to introduce myself here, I am pretty sure people who will be reading this blogs would atleast know what my name is. Name... hmm, Even there lies some mystery. What is my name? How does one define a name? Is it something written on official documents, is it something that when you hear it being pronounced, your head turns in anticipation. Sometimes the anticipation is soo strong that a slight variation of the sound of your name makes you look around to see if it is you who the world wants.

Irfan, Mohammed Irfan, K.S. Mohammed Irfan, bhaiya, Irfu, Irfanso, Irfana, Irf, my head will turn at sounds close to these and search for the place of its origin. There has to be a place where the sound began, I will find it somehow and will say hi. You do the same :-)

Atleast I know when and where my blog began, Dec 25th 2004 in New York City.