Monday, February 21, 2005

Journey of vanity

I was in the train coming back home from work on friday, and there was a lady who started doing her makeup from 5th avenue.. and she kept on putting it, on with one box and the next, some small patch here and a touch there. Then another small box with many different colors and mirrors galore, the boxes were coming out of her bag like rabbits being pulled out of the hat.
So many different color boxes and they were literally being plucked out by their ears from inside that small bag. The half of the train box which could see this magic show was amazed. Some were drifting their eyes back and forth from the words on their books to the slight curve of this lady. A show was being preformed and no one on the train had a ticket to see but was willing to sneak a peak here and there.
While there was another lady sitting right beside where the show was taking place, with no makeup on and she looked tired from her work. She was catching a blinks of sleep here and there while the train labored passed the stations dropping off and picking up people along the way.
Two contrasting people, right beside each other, one coming back from work and one might be just starting the day. The queens bound number 7 train, an array of people with an rainbow of personality.
End of journey.. flushing main street station. The show was over, everyone rushed to the exits. No one cared for an encore presentation, the star of the show was left behind, still finishing up her makeup. The lady next to her who was on her way to the exit looked back and smiled, and knew that even without all that makeup, her life is more satisfying and that made her beautiful.

Shopping Spree

Presidents day weekend, and all we can think of is shopping. Well shopping was on our minds for a while now, not for us, but for the apartment. We have to replace the old style cabinets, the small old TV and Sofas, fridge, all kinds of stuff.

So off we went to look for some stuff, just look. Stuff we looked at were really expensive, but very enticing. went to sears, circuit city, macys, target.. then finally pc richards.

Ordered a flat screen plasma tv. This one: Samsung SP-P4251 42" EDTV Plasma Television
looks good no?

We didnt want to spent that much on it.. but it seemed like it was worth it at the time when we were looking at the TV with admiration and just like.. oh wondering... hmm how would it look like in our living room. :-) so with much consideration, we gave into the ID in all of us and took that TV.

That was my long weekend.
And oh, I have to start thinking of future, start thinking of all my responsibilities.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Time passes by fast - as life continues

Monday was good,
Tuesday was fine,
Wednesday was Not that bad,
Thursday was fun - especially lunch with Rumana,
Friday was longer than usual,
Saturday was no basketball,
Sunday was superbowl......

Pats won the Superbowl again, wanted eagles to win it, just becuz I didnt want to see New England (Boston) win the Superbowl as well as the World Series in baseball.

Been trying to go to gym every week...atleast twice a week, since I dont have much to do anyway after work.

As you can see random thoughts are filled in my head today. The weekend is ending but I feel like I need some rest from this daily grind thats almost becoming a habit. I need to find something to do other than everyday work and coming back home and just the same routine.

Maybe I need to start doing something regarding my work, start a training, do something new.

Lets see what next weekend brings.