Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Indi-list

There is a certain list going around in the blogsphere called Z-list that The Viral Garden: The 'Z-List' continues to spread introduced by Mack Collier. It lists the blogs that have been neglected for whatever reasons, but are very good to read.

Then an indian blogger named Reshma started a similar list but solely focusing solely on Indian blogs.

She says
I have started the list with a few blogs which you will find at the end of my post, I have restricted myself to Indian blogs / bloggers. All you need to do is :

1. Copy and paste the list of blogs into your new post,
2. Add to that list any additional blogs that you think need more air time. You can add as few or as many (good) blogs as you like
3. If blogs you wanted to add are already on the list / you can't think of any, that is fine too. just be a kind soul and repost the list you find :)
4. Add these instructions in your post so the next blogger does the same thing.

The cumulative effect of the list growing from post - to - post will lead to your discovering new blogs that you hadn't seen before and some of those good blogs will get the link love they deserve.

The honour rule: is the you don't add your own blog to the list. If someone thinks you should be on the list, you will !

Help us keep track of the list.
Just so that we know where and how the list is growing, if you use tags please include the tag indi-list in your post or send in a mail with your post link.

We hope the list lives and grows for a long time to come and will attempt to maintain a list of blogs on the indi-list at Blogchaat.

And with that the indi-list is born

Engage Energize Evolve
On borrowed Time
Urban Junkie
DiagonallyParked in a parallel universe

And now my addition to the list:

Sayesha's world
A Mirror with a Smiling Life! ! !
Within / Without
Metroblogging Chennai
Metroblogging Bangalore
Something about Everything
Angee's World
A rupee for my thoughts!

Feel free to copy to your blog and add to the list some of your favorites that you want the world to know :-)


The Smiling Girl said...

Hey, thanks for listing me out here!:)

Reshma Anand said...

hi, the updated list is on blogchaat. thanks for taking the meme forward