Sunday, April 10, 2005

Reload and Reboot

I have been so busy lately at home. So much is going on in the personal side of life, that I have somehow ignored the online part. Though I am still online and read up on things, havent had the chance to sit and write this blog.

So what has been taking up my time, small things at home. Ikea shopping, assembling the stuff that we got from there. I like ikea.. (they look soo similar), and we have almost transformed our living room into somewhat of a modern place with the installations of some new furniture for our TV. The thing that sometimes bothers me is that, this stuff that we get from Ikea, they only come with the exact things that are needed to make the stuff. Not one more or one less, if you somehow loose a nail or a screw... well you are screwed.. haha. but jokes aside, they should atleast give a few extra just in case. Do they expect everyone to be perfect?

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