Monday, March 07, 2005


We all talk about doing new things, new adventures to take on, new boundries to visit, leap a tall building, run faster than a speeding bullet..... Are they all just talk?

We love dreaming of such things, a grand plan in the making. Only some of us carry out that plan and achieve something, others are quite satisfied of where they are.

So what if I cant leap a tall building, I can take the stairs to reach the same place. If that's a little slow, well we have elavators for that. Right? Its the reality of the situation, a situation that we are in during our lives that inspires us and pushes us to do new things. Where do we get these inspirations from??

How come we keep recreating the same realities for ourselves, we know that we have so many options available for us, but we keep coming back to the same shell of our lives, just in different colors. We have so much potential but never fully understand and characterize it. We are so conditioned to our daily lives, so conditioned that the way we create our lives that we buy the idea that we have no options at all.

We do have options, we need to break out of our molds, disconnect outselves from the matrix, look beyond the yellow brick road for answers.

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