Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Day After V-Day

V-day, unlike the famous D-day, is not about war but about love. Is it really about love...does love needs to be really delegated for one day?

Do we need to take a day just for celebrating love....shouldnt it be everday. Some might say that it might not be a bad idea to remind people that there is something called love and that we should celebrate it. I agree with that but what makes is not so "lovely" day is how even a day of love has turned into a marketing ploy. Hallmark, Godiva, and of course Flower shops.

I am all for public affections.. but I dont want anyone to tell me that I should do this and that. Dont tell when I am watching tv...oh for your valentine, get this... I dont want to. I want to think on my own and get something that really matters. And that doesnt have to be bunch of chocolates.

A scene at a nearby Duane Reade the day before V-day might explain some meaning or should we say lack of, for this day. Guys standing in line with a flower in one hand and a pre-filled card in the other just waiting for their turn to buy, let the day do its thing and get it over with. What a meaningful, inspiring, loving, caring scene. Some might not even have read what the card - which they will be giving to the love of their life - says. It is just a routine. You have to do this...why? oh its V-day.

Instead of doing it all in one day...why not spread the love throughout the year. If you are so inclined for a day to be V day.. let it be every week, every month. I dont want to wait for it once a year.. that too much pressure, we have birthdays and anniversaries to worry about. :-)

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