Wednesday, November 02, 2005

7 types of people

I heard this from an elderly man who was giving a speech, the way he had explaied...I cannot replicate. I can only give you a gist of what was said and things that I am able to recall. Hopefully the message he was trying to pass, I can pass it on to you.

He was talking about the seven types of people who will have the hand of God protecting them from the intense heat that will engulf us during the last days. May we strive to be atleast one of the seven so that we can get his blessings and protection as well.

One who is a just ruler...a good head of government, a good leader, a good head of household : provider

One who takes advantage of his/her Youth to give himself to God

One who yearns to go back to masjid - place of prayer once he finishes one

One who gives and gives without concern to all the worldly things

One who loves someone for the sake of God

One who doesnt give into temptations of evil

One who realizes how much he or she is lucky to have these everyday things in life..his body, eyes, flowers, sun, moon, friends, family and everything else around.

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